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School Information

Seth Hukam Chand S.D. Public Sr. Sec. School, New Prem Nagar,Jalandhar, 144408

Email :

Fax : 0181-2280619, Phone No: 0181-2281659

Enrollment of the students:
Class name No. of sections No. of students
I 3 121
II 4 131
III 4 128
IV 4 144
IX 4 146
L.K.G 3 95
Nursery 3 82
Pre- Nursey 1 2
U.K.G 4 112
V 4 147
VI 4 153
VII 4 169
VIII 4 168
X 4 150
XI COM 2 81
XI N/M 1 29
XI Arts 1 16
XII COM 2 84
XII N/M 1 45
XII arts 1 25

Principal’s Desk

Dear all,
The aim of education in present scenario is to provide the students a stimulating learning environment which can foster confidence in them so as to make them realize their full potential. Apart from making them physically fit and mentally strong its main focus is to make them emotionally healthy by unlocking the treasure of kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of every child. Education is about embracing all; making a commitment and aiming at providing each student the best so that they can become assets to the society. Past few years have made it vividly clear that teaching learning process needs to be even more flexible and more innovative. Seth Hukam Chand S.D. Public Sr. Sec. School, New Prem Nagar, Jalandhar, with its (more than four decades) old and rich heritage is committed to impart quality education with changing trends nationally and globally.

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