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Mission & Vision

The main objectives of the institution are the all round development of Students' Personality i.e. to make them physically sound,mentally mature,emotionally healthy and spiritually awake.It cherishes to impart such education that will enable them to move away from the narrow domestic walls of caste, creed, language and region to national identity.It tries to inculcate in them a genuine spirit of co-operation, team spirit, social service and dignity of labour.It also helps them to participate in all activities for bringing about the perfection of body, mind  and spirit.

We believe
We believe in the high philosophy of ancient Rishis and at the same time provide knowledge of the modern science and technology.

That true education lies not only within four walls of a class-room, nor does it lie only in the pages of books but it lies in an all round drawing out of the best in the child's mind, body and spirit.
That true education lies in creation of a sound mind in a sound body.
That true education is nothing but elevation for learning.
That true education lies in the development of a moral character.
That true education is natural, harmonious progressive and systematic development of all the powers and aim of education is not to instruct but to develop.
That true education means the expansion of man's comlete inviduality.
That education is a gateway of life.

Principal’s Desk

Dear all,
The aim of education in present scenario is to provide the students a stimulating learning environment which can foster confidence in them so as to make them realize their full potential. Apart from making them physically fit and mentally strong its main focus is to make them emotionally healthy by unlocking the treasure of kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of every child. Education is about embracing all; making a commitment and aiming at providing each student the best so that they can become assets to the society. Past few years have made it vividly clear that teaching learning process needs to be even more flexible and more innovative. Seth Hukam Chand S.D. Public Sr. Sec. School, New Prem Nagar, Jalandhar, with its (more than four decades) old and rich heritage is committed to impart quality education with changing trends nationally and globally.

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