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Rules & Regulations

Note to parents and guardians

1.Parents and guardians are not permitted to visit the class-room or visit their ward or take away their wards during the school hours without the written permission from the Principal.

2. The school as a matter of policy discourages private tuitions. In case it is absolutely essentials, please contact the Principal.

3. Parents /Guardians’ are required to extend their full co-operation to the school authorities as we believe that it is only with the joint efforts of parents and teachers that a student can be trained to become a useful and a responsible member of security.

4. Parents /Guardians’ can help their ward :-

By ensuring that their wards are regular and punctual.
By seeing that their wards do their home work and lessons regularly.
By checking their wards school daily home work, teacher remarks etc.

5. Parents are advised to make correspondence (if any) with the Principle only. Their suggestions and complaints will be dealt by the Principal at her level.

6. The medium of instruction in the school is English. Certain amount of regular conversation in English at home will help you ward to follow his work in the school easily and intelligently.

7. Parents and Guardians are expected to co-operate with the school in enforcing regularly and discipline in their children. They should also see that their children prepare their lessons at home and take active and helpful interest in the activities of the school.

8. Parents are requested not to approach the school authorities for any chance in the prescribed date-sheet of FA1, 2, 3, 4 & S1 &S2 exams.

9. Parents are particularly expected to sign the progress report. Occasional reports from teachers are conveniently made in the school dairy. These should be seen and countersigned regularly. Failure to do so may put the children to great inconvenience.

10. Criticism of a teacher before a student should be seriously avoided because it causes the student lose his/her respect for the teacher .If you have a legitimate complaint, see the Principal instead of criticizing the teachers.

11. Withdrawal of your child from classes for mere social functions is not recommended , as it retards the child’s progress in school, minimize his/her respect in regular hand work with consequent failure to progress in studies.

12. If there is any infectious diseases at your home , please report the fact to the Principal at once and do not send your ward t school till the time the permission is granted by the Principal for the same

School Rule for Students

1. Students are required to bring their School Dairy to the School every day.

2. Students are required to reach the school at least Five Minutes before the first bell (pre-assembly) is rung.

3. Students are required to go to the assembly ground as soon as the second bell (pre-assembly) is rung.

4. Students are expected to be neatly dresses in the prescribed school uniform, with shoes polished and hair done properly. Student who are improperly or shabbily dressed would be sent back home.

6. Students are advised to make use of the dust bins provided for throwing bits of paper etc. They are expected to keep the school campus neat and clean. Students must take care of the school properly. Damaging school, furniture, writing on walls or disfiguring school properly will be dealt and strictly. Reports regarding damage to school property should be made to class teachers or Principal.

7.Students are advised not to bring costly articles, jewellery etc. to the school. Any loss of the articles should be informed to class teachers or Principal and School shall not be responsible for such loss.

8. Students are advised to deposit articles found in the school to their class teachers.

9. Students are required to keep their bicycle duly looked at the cycle stand and obtain token for the same, Else School shall not be responsible for such loss.

10. Students are not allowed to use office telephones without the permission.

11. Students should at all times show respect and deference to school authorities and teaching and non-teaching staff. They must be gentle and polite to their companions. Student whose conduct is injurious to the moral tone of the school or incompatibility with good discipline will be liable to removal from the school.

12. Student who falls twice in same class will not be allowed to continue his/ser studies in the school.

13. Refinement of manner , habit 0f obedience and order, neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required all the time.

Principal’s Desk

Dear all,
The aim of education in present scenario is to provide the students a stimulating learning environment which can foster confidence in them so as to make them realize their full potential. Apart from making them physically fit and mentally strong its main focus is to make them emotionally healthy by unlocking the treasure of kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of every child. Education is about embracing all; making a commitment and aiming at providing each student the best so that they can become assets to the society. Past few years have made it vividly clear that teaching learning process needs to be even more flexible and more innovative. Seth Hukam Chand S.D. Public Sr. Sec. School, New Prem Nagar, Jalandhar, with its (more than four decades) old and rich heritage is committed to impart quality education with changing trends nationally and globally.

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