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Student Council

“The child is the father of man” is perhaps very well said by Shakespeare. Children are huge reservations of energy , stamina and wisdom. They have the capability of taking the different situation nicely. Keeping this thing in mind, Student council is formed to enable the students to hold different offices well. Our Student council consist of Head Boy and Girl , Captains, Vice – Captains & Secretaries of all the four houses. Different duties are assigned to thsese students and the Do their job well . Their talent and skills are drained and utilized properly and thus they are made to work for the welfare of the students and upliftments of the school.

Principal’s Desk

Due to globalisation,the world is expanding enormously and the borders are disappearing.The world today is dynamic and one cannot become indulgent and static in this fast-changing scenario.The 21st century is an age of uncertainties and the frequent changes attract emerging challenges which impact both curricular as well as pedagogical perspectives in the school.

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